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Vancouver: Then (1957) & Now (2010)

Posted February 21, 2012 at: 4:34 pm

My, how Vancouver has grown over the years. It was a sunny day in 1957 when former Miss Vancouver and BC Electric/BC Hydro employee Carole Goldney bravely stood atop the Electra Building for an iconic photo. In the distance, we can see the edge of Stanley Park. Farther away are the North Shore mountains, hazily obscured. From the patches of snow, it appears to be a beautiful autumn day.

Carole, smiling with ease, reaches out slightly, as if she’s about to pluck a ship out of Coal Harbour. Earlier that year, the 19-year-old was crowned Miss Vancouver at the PNE.

In 2010, at the age of 77, Carole returned to The Electra to recreate the photo. On a slightly clearer day you can still see the mountains in the distance, but Stanley Park and Coal Harbour are masked by downtown buildings.

Click here to view the picture and read the full story, which includes a little more history about our iconic building.

Many thanks to residential owner Marlene Sikorra for sending the photo along to the Residential Section Executive Council.