Residential Section
Move-in / Move-out Policy

  • All new owners are eligible for one (1) move in and move out out of the strata lot at no charge.
  • Additional moves ins, whether by the owner, or a tenant or occupant, will be charged a non-refundable fee of $200.00 upon move in.
  • Move-in fee to be paid to the residential manager when booking the move in date. No fee will be collected upon move out.
  • Unpaid move in fees will be added to that strata lot owner’s next regular monthly assessment. Owners are subject to a $200.00 fine for any unscheduled moves.
  • Moves must be made through the lower main loading bay entrance only. Moves through any other location are subject to a $200.00 fine.

Please contact either Alan or Luc at 604-488-0048 or with any questions or to schedule a move.

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